Small Seeds of Beauty

Home schooling hit a speed bump in our house this week. Studying for a Zoom spelling test caused my first grader to declare that she was getting a substitute teacher. It was hard not to chuckle as she told me that, but schooling and even spelling tests go on. However, on the brighter side, home schooling has given me the opportunity to share more of the books I loved as a kid with my daughters.

One of this weeks’ better loved assignments was a book report. My suggestion of  Miss. Rumphius, one of my childhood favorites, went even better than I thought it would. It turns out that my flower loving daughter liked this one too. Barbra Cooney’s award-winning book, Miss Rumphius, is based on the true story of a woman named Hilda Edwards. Edwards lived in Christmas Cove Maine where she is still remembered and celebrated for covering the shores of Maine with beautiful blue, purple and rose-colored lupine flowers.

Miss Rumphius tells the story of how she was inspired to “do something to make the world more beautiful.” Seed by seed her love of lupines still brightens the countryside each summer.

Reading this story again years later, has me thinking about how important it is to cherish the beauty around us. Creativity and a love of beauty can be taught and passed on. I learned about art and the wonder of nature from my mother. There is something important about appreciating the beauty that surrounds us and sharing that with others. In this time of uncertainty, I am inspired by all the beauty around me. Colorful sidewalk chalk art, gorgeous gardens and online concerts. Everyone sharing something to reach out to each other and make the world more beautiful. These are the things that I want to remember about this time.

Like Miss Rumphius, we are drawing, writing, cooking and planting small seeds of beauty together. In hopes that my girls might know the importance of giving something of themselves to others. This Mother’s Day may look a little different, but I am grateful for my mother who’s love always encourages me to make the world around me more beautiful.

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