Daydreaming of Texas Farmhouses and Magnolia Styled Homes

I was talking to a friend who was contemplating making some big changes to her home and she said “I just wish I could convince Joanna Gaines to come decorate my house.” Who hasn’t had that thought after watching a particularly great episode of Fixer Upper? The show was newly featured on Netflix when we moved to Chicago and I must admit I was homesick and feeling a bit overwhelmed while trying to paint my whole house with my toddler helpers in tow. So at the end of a long day when everyone was asleep I would stay up to watch an episode of Fixer Upper, just to hear that familiar Texas twang and daydream about a home that was painted and finished.

So for my 100th blog post and my first post of 2018, I thought I would share a few Fixer Upper inspired furniture pieces and accessories. Joanna Gaines style has evolved a bit over the last five years to fit her clients’ tastes, but my favorite look is her own personal farmhouse style that you see in her home. Here is a link to a tour of her house in Country Living Magazine. So if moving to Waco is not in your life plan and you want a bit of that farmhouse feel then here are a few of key furniture pieces and decorative accessories that have that signature Magnolia Farms style.

Ikea Ektorp Sofa

Wayfair Turned Leg Coffee Table

Wisteria Old Farmhouse Console

First, I thought I would start with the basics. Joanna Gaines uses lots of light colored upholstered pieces to anchor her rooms. I happen to like that look, but if you are going to make that kind of sofa work with kids and pets then slipcovers are the way to go. I have the Ikea Ektrop Sofa in my back room and the white slipcovers bleach well and have really withstood the daily grind. I am also comforted by the thought that if something truly disastrous happens that a new slip cover is 150 dollars, which is far less expensive then getting a new sofa. Another key element her farmhouse style is wooden tables with turned leg detailing. So maybe we all can’t own a Clint Harp original table, but this coffee table and accent table have that farmhouse detailing and they can be delivered to your doorstep. I especially like the wood finish on the console table from Wisteria. It has that vintage feel that would really make a statement when placed behind a sofa or when paired with the arched mirror I feature below.

Ink and Linen Paisley Pillow

Ballard Design Spindle Chair in Black Ticking Stripe

Linen and Oak Black Ticking Stripe

The next thing I would layer in a room would be side chairs and some decorative pillows to add a bit of pattern and color to your room. These spindle chairs have that farmhouse feel I have shown them here in white, but they come in other wood finishes as well. You can customize the fabric and welting details on these chairs and they are only 250 dollars which is a good deal for a custom side chair. Gaines uses lots of black and white in her own home so I thought I would pair this black and white stripe with a pretty black paisley and a touch of ticking stripe pillows to add a similar pattern from the chair to your sofa or other upholstered pieces.

Linen and Oak Jacquard Floral Block Print Pillow

Ballard Design Spindle Chair in Blue Ticking Stripe

Ballard Design Indigo Linen Pillow

I have also loved living rooms where Gaines has added some blue touches. So in case you are a fan of blue and white then here is the same chair in a blue ticking strip paired with a pretty blue and white block print pillow and a solid navy linen to add a pop of color to your room.

To Inspire You Magnolia Leaf Wreath

On Time Home Rustic Wooden Clock

Lizton Sign Company Custom Vintage Sign

Now my favorite part, the decorative details. Sometimes it’s the small things that go a long way to change how you feel about a room. Want that signature magnolia wreath? I found a shop on Etsy that sells them for much less than ordering one for Magnolia Market. So add a bit of magnolia to your door, over a mantle or in your kitchen with this classic wreath. Another detail that Gaines likes to use is oversized clocks. I found an Etsy shop that sells custom clocks like this white one above. Want a custom sign that looks like the vintage ones you see in the Gaines home then try a sign from the Lizton Sign Company.

At West End Metal Wall Flower

Ballard Design Vintage Type Set Letters

Pottery Barn Carved Wooden Candle Sticks

Another key element Gaines uses is metal work and lettering. The very first episode of Fixer Upper had a gorgeous metal flower above the fireplace. I found a similar piece from a Southern company called At West End that specializes in folk art and unique rustic pieces. If you don’t have a huge supply of vintage sign letters then these metal typeset letters from Ballard Design have a similar feel. Then what Magnolia styled room would be complete without some turned wood candle sticks. Add them to your mantle or console table to add some height and layers to your room.

Wayfair Metal Leo Bistro Chairs

Wisteria Arch Mirror

Overstock White Farmhouse Dining Table

Finally looking beyond the living room, another key element in the Magnolia style is a kitchen or dining space that feature a farmhouse styled table and some metal bistro chairs. Then last but not least, one of my favorite finds of this post an architectural styled mirror that has a distressed white finish. This mirror is currently 40 percent off at Wisteria and I love its details and shape which would make it a beautiful anchor piece above a sofa, chest or console table.

So if you have ever found yourself daydreaming about Fixer Upper taking over your home then take a look at these decorative pieces that are sure to add a bit of that warm, collected look that has made Fixer Upper so fun to follow.


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