Hope After Hurricane Harvey

My heart just sank and tears began to well up in the corner of my eyes as I watched the local news coverage of Hurricane Harvey. Houston is my hometown it’s where our families and close friends live and it has been tough to watch and not be able to do anything from afar. Houston is no stranger to rain, but this storm is like none other. The tornado warnings and sudden rising water have had Houstonians worried and sleepless. It is surreal to see videos and pictures of familiar neighborhood streets that now look like rivers. Thankfully the reports we have gotten are that our friends and family are safe for now. Some of their homes, like many in Houston, are underwater and the damage reports are overwhelming. My mother who was stranded while traveling is coming to stay with us in Chicago until things begin clear. I usually love writing about houses but his week that just doesn’t feel right. Like many, I am continuing to pray for safety and for the storms clear and most importantly I am praying for strength and hope for those who are tired and hurting.

I am reaching out to my Houston friends and those with connections in the area. We have some very good friends whose house in Meyerland is completely underwater. They are safe right now with friends, but they will need a place to stay after the storm clears. They have two small children and a new baby.  If you have a garage apartment or have any information about a possible rental home, apartment sublease, condo in the central Houston area please contact me. This is an amazing family who really needs some help. You can contact me at amyappling@hotmail.com or leave me a comment.

I have an amazing and hopeful update from my friend. Now that the water is finally going down some my friend’s husband was able to make it back to their home. They had been told by two neighbors that their house had flooded. Her neighbors had been evacuated by the Coast Guard and the apartment complex just down from their home was featured on the news and the whole first floor was completely under water. They live three blocks away from Braes Bayou and were prepared for the worst. She says “physics cannot explain what happened with their home.” They had some damage but it was not what they had prepared themselves for. Their home was spared the heavy flooding that hit the other homes on their block. It is truly a miracle, so she is thanking everyone for their offers for help. They are now working to help others as well, but they are just so grateful to anyone who prayed for them.


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