Getting Away For A Little While

Have you ever vacationed somewhere far away where the customs and rhythm of life were very different? Taking a vacation is not always rhythm changing. I have definitely planned many a trip where I had so many places to see that vacationing meant racing off to the next activity. I tend to be a quick tempo traveler who comes with a long list of things to do. However, this trip with my husband to Sardinia, Italy might be the first vacation I have taken without a plan. Some people are great at this. I have a sister-in-law who has a great sense of wanderlust, which has lead her to travel and explore some amazing places. I happen to be a fast-paced planner, it’s just my nature… but living life this way can leave you a bit frayed. There is something good about getting away.

I must admit that I had not thought about vacationing on the island of Sardinia. My husband was invited to speak at an conference and I decided travel with him. It was an opportunity to see the Mediterranean and take a little time to get away. We stayed at a beachside hotel called La Punta Negra in the town of Alghero.

This town is harder to access than other Italian cities, so while we were there we did not meet any other Americans. Alghero is more of a local Italian vacation destination. There were a few British and German families, but the majority the tourists were Italian. The Italians were very friendly and the pace of life was more relaxed. Many of the local restaurants do not open for dinner until 7 or 8 PM. They all have large patios where you can take in the ocean breeze. My husband’s Italian friend, who was at the conference, explained to us that since Alghero caters to local tourists the quality of the food is excellent. I will have to share a little more about the food next week.

Our hotel had its own small but private beach. The coastline is rocky immediately by the shore, but once you wade out a little ways there is smooth sand. The water is a beautiful clear blue. It is warm and everyone was out swimming. There is something so peaceful about hearing the water and looking out and seeing nothing but blue across the horizon.

The hotel had breakfast every morning and you could eat and sip your coffee out on the porch overlooking the water. It was the most amazing view. This trip was a departure from my busy plans, a chance to think and just sit a moment. Traveling here was a reminder that it is good to check out, slow down and explore a new place. Getting away somewhere little outside of my comfort zone allowed me to see things from and different perspective and it gave me a moment to truly take all the beauty in.

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