Living Colorfully

Benjamin Moore Exotic Red

Our house was for a moment so clean that she must have done a little happy dance. There was of course that last minute blue marker coloring disaster in my daughters room, but Bissell oxi clean came to my carpet’s rescue. Since it isn’t everyday that our home is styled and ready for a photographer, I just had to take a picture or two of my own to celebrate the occasion.

I also took time to sit down and answer a few questions about our home. The one question from the magazine interview that caused me to think a minute was “What is unique about your house?”  As I reflect, I believe my home’s uniqueness is in the colorful stories it has to tell. My home is a 1960s colonial revival. It doesn’t have high ceilings, marble countertops, custom cabinetry or architecturally amazing features, yet it’s home. Its beauty is the way it reflects who we are as a family and what we truly love.

The bright red dining room is the first room you see when you walk through the double blue doors. I love the vibrance and glow of a red dining room. I know this bright shade isn’t for most people, but I love how it feels when the table is set and the candles are lit. The Matisse print in the corner is a museum print from our honeymoon in New York. The vivid colors and stars make me smile and remember the fun.

Our house is bright and happy. It is filled with color from red, pink, orange, yellow, turquoise, indigo and green. I have always been drawn to color and its power to change how you feel.


Blue and white is everywhere in our home, but the shade changes from room to room.
Robin’s egg blue with colorful and playful accents. The quirky yellow pencil I made from an old wrapping paper tube and a couch full of pillows that are perfect for building play forts.


Turquoise and white are calming at the end of the day. It makes me think of a bright blue summer sky.

I have always been one to color with the full box of crayons. So its been fun to color with my girls and let them show me their favorite things. My youngest daughter loves pink and orange. They fit her happy and outgoing personality. The dust ruffle is an old quilt filled with all the bright colors she loves. The pillows, bunny and bird details add a little whimsy that is just right for my five year old.

Finally, my oldest daughter loves flowers and fairytales. The soft pink walls and mix of florals and ruffles give it a dreamy cottage garden feel. Perfect for my creative girl who is always drawing and dreaming up her own tales of fairies and princesses.

In the end, I believe that great houses come in all shapes and sizes. However, the memorable ones are the homes that tell the story of the families and people who have lived there. Ours just happens to be a more colorful tale. So let the people and things you love inspire your own home design.

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