Chicago Tulips

Tulips have become one of my favorite flowers because they are so hopeful. You plant them right before the ground freezes and then when you think you can’t take a day more of the biting cold temperatures they begin to appear. Their bright green shoots herald the beginning of spring. They pop up and suddenly the garden feels alive again. Their beauty is too great not to share, so here are a few of my photographs from the Chicago tulip season.

Their glorious colors are stunning. I love the combination of the red, orange and pink.

Add in some blue muscari bulbs for a little contrast in color and you have a pretty garden that can withstand even record breaking late spring snow.

Tulips are such social flowers. I love how the look bunched together in small groups or large tightly spaced displays.

The details of each petal’s color and shape are amazing. I love these bright purple blooms with the orange and yellow.

Mixed together with daffodils and hyacinths they create a happy and colorful border. I love this planter that is overflowing with ivy and spring bulbs.

This vivid and almost regal color combination of deep purple and red made me stop a moment to just take in the beauty as they swayed in the breeze.

These parrot tulips almost look like they have been painted with their soft tangerine and pink details.

Finally, this garden bed in shades of purple and white belongs to me. I plant some bulbs in my front yard, but my largest planting is off my back patio where I can enjoy it most. Usually a shady summer spot because of the large trees above it, spring is when this little bed in my garden shines. Before the leaves return to the trees the sunlight allows me to plant a more colorful display. This year I decided to plant a mix of purple and white tulips. I planted some white Fremont tulips that have a pretty light pink color on the tips of their petals. I also planted some purple striped Flaming Flags. Then on a last minute whim right before the first snow of the season, I sprinkled in a few of these taller deep purple tulips called Queen Of The Night.

The view outside always makes me smile. I love looking out of my kitchen to see these blooms. I planted purple pansies and violas to add in some addition color before my tulips bloomed.

The periwinkle colored muscari flowers dot the back of flower beds with more color. Spring may arrive a little later here in Chicago, but these these blooms make it worth the wait.

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