Brushstrokes of Spring

The warm sunlight filters through the tree branches cutting the cool spring breeze. There is still a chance for late spring snow, but that doesn’t stop the optimistic green shoots from popping up to greet the sun. Their colorful blooms a welcome sight after the long brown winter days.

The daffodils come first with their cheery yellow blooms.

Then the tulips follow, reaching up with their long stems and leaves. As they flower a dazzling display of color fills the garden beds. Like precious gems they sparkle in yellow, pink, purple, orange and red.

They stand with a watchful eye as the vibrant pansies and violas play hide and seek below.

The stately foxgloves tower above and the sweet smell of hyacinths fills the air.

Everyday new blooms as their colors join together to tell the hopeful story of spring.

New visitors appear to revel in the beauty. The butterflies, bees and birds have all returned.

The sunlight beckons me to come and see: how glorious is the creator and all the brushstrokes of his spring.

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