Vintage Christmas Trees

I have been working on decorating our home for Christmas and my girls who have been watching and helping me, decided they needed some decorations for their rooms. My preschoolers aren’t quite ready for lights in their rooms or big decorating projects, but this small project was just the right size. They really enjoyed making these little vintage styled trees. They loved picking out their favorite colors and trimmings to decorate their box. In the end, they were so pleased with their boxes that I thought it would be a great project to share. These trees are easy to make and you could even decorate a similar set of tiny trees to place on a desk, mantle, window sill or table.

I had made a set of Christmas tree gift boxes as gifts years ago. So you can see another style of tree I made using buttons, sequence and beads. 

I picked up some supplies from my local craft store. I found some vintage style silver trees and some small boxes. Then I got some trim and scrapbooking brads, plastic snowflakes and tiny presents. I found that scrapbooking brads make great ornaments for tiny trees because you can wrap the brads around larger branches or place glue on them to help better secure your ornaments to your tree.

Here are some of the supplies I selected, but you could personalize the type of tree and decorations you use. My girls painted their boxes with a metalic silver paint, but you could also spray paint it if you wanted.  Once your boxes are dry you are ready to decorate your tree.

You could add your own ribbon or rickrack trim on the edge of the box lid. Then if you want you could add ornaments made out of costume jewelry, beads, sequence or scrapbooking brads. You could even wrap your own tiny presents or add a porcelain figure like this little Scottie dog.

My youngest daughter loves the color pink so she helped me pick out all the trimmings for her tiny tree. I used a glue gun to help secure the beads and snowflakes. My girls decided they wanted to add some additional decorations to the sides of their boxes.

These boxes would make a great handmade gift that you could use as a decoration or fill with a small gift or holiday candy. They are a great small item that you could make for that person who has everything and you could even customize it to fit their style. So if you are looking for a holiday project or gift box idea then make your own vintage Christmas tree box. This project was such a hit in our house that I think we are definitely going to be decorating more little trees.

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